Wanita Ini Kreasikan Rambut Jadi Karya Seni, 6 Hasilnya Bikin Melongo, Jakarta Rambut adalah “mahkota” yang berperan dalam memperindah penampilan pria maupun wanita. Memiliki rambut yang indah dan lembut tentu menjadi salah satu hal yang diidamkan semua orang khususnya perempuan. 

Tak heran jika beberapa perempuan rela menghabiskan banyak uang untuk perawatan rambut. Semakin berkembangnya zaman, berkembang pula tren rambut. Mulai dari gaya rambut hingga warna rambut. Tak hanya itu, siapa sangka rambut juga bisa menjadi sebuah karya seni.

Karya seni yang dimaksud ini bukan karya seni dari rambut yang sudah dipotong, tapi rambut yang masih melekat di kepala. Hal unik ini ternyata dibuktikan oleh seorang influencer asal Afrika yang sukses membuat karya seni dari rambutnya.

Laetitia Ky, seorang seniman dan influencer menata rambutnya menjadi suatu karya yang luar biasa. Karya seni rambutnya ini menampilkan karya yang kreatif dan tak terpikirkan sebelumnya. Berikut 6 kreasi rambut Laetitia Ky yang rangkum dari Instagram @laetitiaky, Sabtu (28/12/2019).

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1. Kreatifitas wanita asal Pantai Gading, Afrika ini menurutnya adalah cara untuk mengekspresikan dirinya. Ia juga ingin membuktikan bahwa rambutnya yang sering dianggap jelek bisa menjadi sesuatu yang indah.

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Before the first punch, the first slap, there are many signs of emotional abuse that should make you run before the worst begins. In my previous publication about #domesticviolence , I said that I would make a second publication to talk about the warning signs. Here we are ●he dont respect you, demean you and tend to make fun of you, your weaknesses, your complexes, your opinions etc. ●he provides you with some services you don't ask for and his generosity can make you feel uncomfortable. He want to make you feel accountable. If you call out him for treating you in an bad way, he will remind you all the services he has done for you to cause confusion. ● he wants to control everything: your way of dressing, your outings, your friends, your job, often look into your phone, mail or social media inbox. He gives you advice on how you should lead your life. ●he isolates you: he is not enthusiastic when you have to see your friends or your family and he wants you to spend all your time with him. ●He is possesive: the manipulator generally passes his possesiveness for love but dont be fooled. He tries to monitor you, constantly want to know where you are and what you are doing. He is mad when you interact with male friends. There may be something flattering in jealousy but be aware that someone can love madly without excessive jealousy. ●nothing is never his fault: he tends to always attribute to someone else the responsibility for what is wrong in his life. ●he is egocentric ●he uses drugs or alcohol ●he puts you under pressure regarding sexual intercourses. He tends to be mad at you when you dont want to have sex and make you feel guilty.●He wants to get engaged too quickly in the relationship: we tend to hang the desire to engage for love but if he pushes you to do it without even taking the time to know each other it can mean that he want you to become his "thing". ●he tries to intimidate you when he is angry. ●he has double standards: he never do what he expects from you. ●His attitude towards women is negative. he has stereotypical ideas of ​​the place of women in society. ●he is nicer, sweeter, respectful when other peoples are around.

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2. Berkat rambutnya ini ia berhasil menciptakan karya seni dan telah memiliki banyak pengikut di Instagram.

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3. Ky yang tinggal di wilayah Ivory Coast ini mencoba menciptakan karya seni dengan menggunakan rambutnya sendiri.

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It is estimated that 38% of murdered women in the world are murdered by their spouses. In Africa we reach 69%. Every day thousands of women die in the world under the fists of their partner. In some African countries, women who are victims of domestic violence exceed 80%. The most common acts of physical violence are slaps, punches and kicks, jostling, shaking, burning, death threats and strangulation attempts. Stop ask to a victim why they dont just leave? Ask why monster that hit her exist According specialists, the process of violence takes place in two stages: the phase of "narcissistic seduction" intended to fascinate and paralyze the other person, followed by violent processes more and more present. The woman, prevented from revolting, becomes obedient and absolves her aggressor by legitimizing the violence. They are a lot of time psychologically locked up, manipulated or threatened. 70% of women killed by their partner are killed after they decide to leave their abuser. This is why We need to educate everyone about the secret of domestic violence, the warning signs so everyone will be aware and can act quickly. Lets speak. It usually starts with psychological violence. Do not even wait for the first hit before running away. From the first signs of psychological violence, learn to say NO and run. Remember that no couple or marriage is worth putting our life in danger, our well being in danger ... stop finding excuses to stay. He will never change. He will promise you not to do it again, but next time it will be worse until the day he kills you. NOTHING, absolutely nothing justifies that a man uses violence on his partner. Ask for help. Dont be afraid. Even if your family and friends do not support you, some strangers will help you. After seeing that post please dont stay quiet. Talk about this topic to everyone around you, your friends, coworkers, familly, children.. EVERYONE. Abuse only thrives in silence. Each time you educate someone about domestic violence you can save a life. Victime need everyone. I will do later another detailled post on the warning signs of domestic violence and its infinite cycle that lead to death. #domesticviolenceawareness

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4. Berbekal benang, jarum, kawat, wol, ekstensi rambut, dan rambutnya sendiri, ia berhasil menata sedemikian rupa sehingga membentuk benda-benda unik yang penuh makna.

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#tbt 2017 !! The first photo serie ive made that became viral !!! I was there with my 4000 flws and in a night it reached 10000. I was like omg wtf ???? All these people really like what i do ?? 😭😭. Since this soooooo much things happened. Opportunities, disappointments, joys, cries... im so proud of this journey even if it's the beginning and i still far far far away of what i want to reach. Everyday i grow as an artist and person. Im extremely grateful to have you all by my side and having my back. Feeling that im not alone is a wonderful thing. I love every single person that support me. Thank for helping me to never give up even when im through my worst times. Thank you for all single like, comment and share. I have a lot of biiiiig and crazy projects. And even if i dont know how to achieve all of them im confident that i will realise all my dream cause i have you with me. I feel like i cant fail. Frlm the bottom of my heart, Thank you for the love. #grateful

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5. Karya-karya unik yang ia unggah di Instagram ini antara lain rambut berbentuk, seperti bola lampu, anjing, kuda, ular, naga, dan sepeda.

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6. Selain itu, KY sering kali mengunggah karakter khusus yang mewakili emosi, topik, dan pesan yang ingin disampaikan kepada dunia.